International Campers United.

We noticed 1-st cheater on -)ICU(- Servers:

Player Name: TheButcher! aka (-;

Country: Germany

[ACEv08h]: [TheButcher!]: [IP]
[ACEv08h]: [TheButcher!]: [OS] Unknown OS: 10.0.16299
[ACEv08h]: [TheButcher!]: [CPU] Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz
[ACEv08h]: [TheButcher!]: [CPUSPEED] Measured: 2805.910641 Mhz - Reported: 2808.047747 Mhz
[ACEv08h]: [TheButcher!]: [NIC] Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4A Wireless Network Adapter
[ACEv08h]: [TheButcher!]: [MAC1] 5A921B586442BDB4603E1C0932E49170
[ACEv08h]: [TheButcher!]: [MAC2] 06EC59075ADBBBC67BEFB15AEC0B8065
[ACEv08h]: [TheButcher!]: [HWID] 8267BE2F070C472756397F0BE4C8DA54
[ACEv08h]: [TheButcher!]: [UTVER] 436
[ACEv08h]: [TheButcher!]: [UTCMD] <none>
[ACEv08h]: [TheButcher!]: [RENDEV] OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice
[ACEv08h]: [TheButcher!]: [SNDDEV] Galaxy.GalaxyAudioSubsystem
[ACEv08h]: [TheButcher!]: [TIME] 30-03-2018 / 20:54:00



Hi and welcome to our clansite.
We are a group of snipers/campers and some freestylers, from around the world.
We enjoy clan rumbles.
Registration to our clansite is required.

To become an ICU clan member, all you have to do is, let us know you want to join us! Simple!!!
There is a section within the Public Forum were you can do this in "Join Us".
Thread below is "Introduce Yourself" here you can give us a brief introduction of yourself: Name, how long have you been playing UT99, that sort of stuff.
Once this is completed you will be free to wear our clan tag.
However, every new member has two tasks to preform so that we know you are capable of xloc'ing and dodging.
These tasks come in the form of two maps to be completed within the first month of you joining us.
Pro AMLP XlocTraining
BT LavaFactory
Training for these maps will be provide!



Clan Members

 -)ICU(- X

 -)ICU(- Doomed









Our V.I.P members

 [HPS] Don_Jenik

   {ISC} Mr P

  ]TsF[ BlackDeath




 -)ICU(- *Handz